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Easily create immersive experiences

anitya is a low-code builder that empowers creators and global brands to create immersive 3D experiences effortlessly

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Create stunning experiences for:

  • Training & Education
  • Collaboration & Workshops
  • E-Commerce & Showrooms
  • And more
‍Seamless access from browser or device, tailor content creation to your needs, and benefit from cost-effective operations with minimal hardware demands.
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Key Features

Why anitya?

Dive into a world where you have complete control and endless customization options. Our platform offers multiple features that give you the power to shape your experience.

White Label customisation

Tailored for commercial clients, our white-label solution ensures your brand's identity remains front and centre throughout the experience.


Low-Code Simplicity

Our user-centric approach offers easy-to-use templates and a low-code software structure, enabling you to effortlessly bring your visions to life.


Brand Ownership

Take charge of your domain, data management, and monetisation strategies, allowing you to drive your platform's success independently.


Browser-Based & Lightweight

With an open architecture, our platform is browser-based, ultra-light, and accessible without compromising performance.

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Use cases

Get an easy-to-use solution crafted to fit your business's unique vision and objectives

Customisable templates, tailored to fit your company's unique needs across a range of industries. The power in your hands to create unique immersive 3D experiences for various purposes and areas of application.