Get an easy-to-use solution, crafted to fit your business’ unique vision and objectives

Customizable templates, tailored to fit your company's unique needs across a range of industries. The power in your hands to create unique immersive 3D experiences for various purposes and areas of application.

Training & Education
  • Enhanced Knowledge Retention: +10% increase in knowledge retention with VR training (HBR).
  • Cost-Effective and Efficient: VR and AR training significantly cut down on running and building costs with minimal hardware needs.
  • Safety and Precision in Training: Reduces errors by 50% and mistakes by 40%, enhancing safety (J&J Medtech, PrecisionOS Tech).
  • Immersive and Engaging Learning: Achieves an 83% success rate with a 76% increase in learning effectiveness (J&J Medtech, PrecisionOS Tech).
  • Rapid Skill Acquisition: Training time is 29% faster with a 250% improvement in skills (NCBI, ResearchGate).

anitya offers transformative applications for corporate training, gamified education, and explorative learning. Accessible on multiple devices, they provide engaging learning experiences while data-driven insights empower educators to optimize teaching methods.

Immersive Learning Environments

anitya provides interactive 3D environments and simulations, fostering engaging and hands-on learning experiences for corporate training and education.

Customizable Content Creation

anitya's low-code tools empower trainers and educators to create tailored, immersive content and scenarios, adapting to specific learning objectives

Training Monitoring & Analytics

anitya's platform leverages big data to provide in-depth analytics, allowing trainers and educators to monitor and optimize learning outcomes and engagement

Gamification Integration

anitya seamlessly integrates gamification elements, making learning fun and motivating, while tracking progress and achievements

Cross-Platform Accessibility

anitya's solutions are accessible on various devices (Web, VR/AR and Mobile), ensuring flexibility in the delivery of content

Collaboration & Workshops
  • Enhanced Efficiency: VR training dramatically reduces training time, as seen in Walmart's case where training time dropped from 8 hours to just 15 minutes (TechTarget, 2020).
  • Cost Savings: Significant cost reductions are achieved by cutting down on instructor fees, facilities, and physical equipment costs, as well as reducing the time employees spend training and making errors (TechTarget, 2019).
  • Seamless Integration with Workshop Tools: Offers tools that seamlessly integrate with VR for an immersive learning experience.
  • Global Accessibility: Ideal for international companies due to its borderless nature.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: A more economical option compared to traditional in-person workshops.

anitya empowers organizations to embrace collaborative innovation by creating immersive, personalized spaces that enhance teamwork, foster innovation, and drive success.

Customized Collaboration Spaces

Craft virtual environments that reflect your team's specific needs and branding, providing a one-of-a-kind collaboration experience.

Interactive Workshops

Leverage interactive tools to facilitate creative workshops, enabling active participation and ideation.

Brand Meeting Environments

Tailor meeting rooms and collaborative spaces to align perfectly with your organization's culture and goals.

Seamless Cross-Platform Access

accessible across various devices, enabling fluid collaboration regardless of location or device preference.

E-Commerce & Showrooms
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: 61% of customers prefer shopping at places that offer AR features, and 71% would shop more frequently at such establishments (Sapizon, 2022).
  • Extended Reality Shopping: Provides a more immersive and engaging shopping experience.
  • Gamified Loyalty Programs: Integrates AR to create interactive and engaging customer loyalty programs.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: AR in e-commerce leads to higher conversion rates by providing customers with a clearer understanding of products (Sapizon, 2022).
  • Reduced Return Rates: AR helps customers select the best product for their needs, potentially reducing return rates due to mismatched or defective products (Sapizon, 2022).

anitya empowers businesses to reinvent online retail by creating immersive, personalized virtual showrooms and brand experiences that enhance product visibility, community engagement, and ultimately drive sales and customer satisfaction

Interactive Brand Experiences

Implement interactive features for customers to explore, touch, and experience products virtually

Seamless E-Commerce Integration

anitya effortlessly connects to your online shop, ensuring a smooth shopping journey from browsing to payment.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling continuous improvements to the online shopping experience.

Custom Product Displays

Tailor product showcase areas to fit your product categories, emphasizing key features and benefits.

Individual 3D Assets

Incorporate your unique 3D assets for each product, allowing for detailed representation and customization.