Meet the community driven Anitya Platform

Meet the community driven Anitya Platform. Combining the expressive aspect of the artistic and advancing innovations of the digital world with a connecting counterpart of the spiritual — to evolve a unique Web3 Metaverse creation toolkit with a wow-res factor and that’s super intuitive to use, Anitya is one launch you’re going to want to know all about.


Combining the expressive aspect of the artistic and advancing innovations of the digital world with a connecting counterpart of the spiritual — to evolve a unique Web3 Metaverse creation toolkit with a wow-res factor and that’s super intuitive to use, Anitya is one launch you’re going to want to know all about.

The current Metaverse-world problem is largely rooted in limited & restricted availability.

Professional metaverse creation tools are as yet scarcely integrated effectively within existing metaverse platforms. The present use of these tools also requires lengthy periods of involved familiarization and learning for the general user. This can make it difficult for many of us to partake in this new world.

Ultimately, this drastically slows the potential growth rate of the metaverse, in hindering interactive community engagement at its broadest scope of end users, and delegating this to those adept in nearer professional levels of programming know-how.

Dynamizing access to the Metaverse is something Anitya is pooling their combined efforts upon, and a primed and excited community is ready to open and join the fore.

Presently creators of 3D immersive spaces face a great many different aspects of consideration before being able to simply share creations with the world. Major friction points can pose technical hurdles involving networking or the setting up of servers to run one’s own games and having reliable datastores etc.

Anitya believes the UX of asking your friends to join and/or making a metaverse space publicly discoverable should be as easy as creating, populating with interesting assets, connecting with animations and interesting game logic, publishing, and sharing via link.

Anitya is set out on a path to solve these problems by lowering entry barriers for creators whilst also offering a high degree of interoperability, multi-directional connectivity and scalability. This purpose has the potential to enable new forms of interaction, cultural exchange, learning and fun shared experiences. Anitya’s vision harbours the prospect to connect users from within an existing community and encourages an attractive environment for meaningful encounters in the digital world.

The Metaverse next steps, and fading interoperability issues.

The other contemporary problem of integrating businesses, users, products and ideas into metaverse worlds has previously involved what is known as interoperability, and more to the point: the unavailability thereof.

Inter — operability speaks of the ability to move and operate digital assets in and between metaverse worlds and different blockchains once created.

The NFT 1.0 made possible the creation and connection of virtual spaces, avatars and objects with verifiable uniqueness, creating the coveted; scarcity and permanence. But even with integrations of exciting VR and AR tech, the security of this permanence meant just that; assets of this nature were, once created, permanent and hence unchangeable.

However, the latest advancements in NFT technology can now allow assets to have an unlimited number of dynamic attributes, which, to say it in one, means foreseeably limitless possibilities.

+ The NFT 2.0

On the flip side to this, thanks to the modular building block system of which they are composed, NFT 2.0‘s no longer mean only entities of verifiable authenticity but also impermanence. This impermanence is known as composability.

And what can this mean for the future metaverse? Digital worlds, avatars, assets and their attributes are now programmable, enabling them to change, evolve and/or devolve with the passage of time. The coming Metaverse 2.0 can now enable higher levels of shared experiences, immersion, user interaction, social connection and collaboration. You can now grow an NFT, an NFT can now live (and die).

Design and monatize your very own metaverse with high-quality industry visuals and seamless NFT integration

Low to no-code Multiplayer gaming 3D experience VR+AR

+ Anitya is striving to make unlimited and unrestricted metaverse creation available for all. NFT 2.0

Focusing fundamentally on building products upon interoperability and composability, we are able to bring to you the most functionally available Metaverse world, and the creation toolkit to contribute without restriction.

With community and self expression seated at the core of Anitya‘s philosophy, the intuitive usability of a comprehensive metaverse creation toolkit is of highest priority and enables us to offer intuitively easy integration and creation. However we will also be supporting this with an integrated suite of surrounding products including:

  • The Easy-to-use No-code Metaverse, Game and NFT Creator Toolkit — affording users of all skill levels to self-create or co-create virtual and augmented reality worlds and NFTs, and to define the rules for how they are governed, gamified and monetized. Experienced creators can benefit from a powerful and highly-customizable toolkit able to cater to their infrastructure related demands.
  • A Universal Discovery Client for metaverse and game discovery, available as both app and in-browser solution — allowing anyone to quickly browse and experience all that the metaverse has to offer.
  • An NFT and Digital Asset Marketplace providing a multitude of choice in community created objects to build from.
  • A Community-focused Crowdfunding Launchpad. Our community-led curation model incentivizes quality and collaboration, creating highly relevant and more enjoyable experiences.

Know how.

Anitya utilizes the latest innovations in Web3 including NFT 2.0 technologies to offer unique user experiences and the interoperability of digital assets across worlds, designed, created and curated, by a community of visionary artistic directors and digital artists.

At our core, we are a playful culture embodying experimentation and a creative community captivated by the idea of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in new and emerging digital experiences.

Our platform aims to offer all users the opportunity to harness this collective and growing community of imagination and talent and to bring their metaverse, game or NFT idea into fruition.

Anitya wants their creative users to have a big say in how we evolve and incorporate new features and technologies moving into the future. We are ready to grow with you.