Frequently Asked Questions

What is anitya?

anitya is a low software toolkit that empowers creators and global brands to create immersive 3D experiences effortlessly. With big data at our core, we are a B2B-focused white-label Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providing an all-in-one solution for building customisable immersive experiences.

Who is anitya for?

anitya is designed for creators, agencies, and tech companies seeking a powerful yet user-friendly low-code toolkit to build immersive experiences. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a creative visionary with limited coding expertise, anitya empowers you to bring your immersive concepts to life with ease.

What makes anitya special?

Our low-code approach and tailored templates significantly reduce development time and effort, making immersive web experiences accessible to a broader audience.

I’m not a coding expert, will I be able to create with anitya?

Don’t worry. anitya’s user-centric approach offers easy-to-use templates and a low-code software structure, enabling you to effortlessly bring your visions to life.